a designer

Barbara Louys had a rich and diverse creative journey. With a strong passion for fashion and accessories, she launched her career in an advertising agency. Putting brands and their DNA in the spotlight has always been paramount for Barbara. She then joined the TV world as an anchor for a program aimed at promoting creators, their universe, their passion. Passion hit Barbara like an epidemic. She could not but throw herself into an unconceivable venture: creating her own collection. The By B. brand comes to life on Barbara’s 40th birthday. Her inspiration stems out of her knowledge of fashion which she combines with her family heritage… five generations of jewelers. Barbara Louys is the epitome of the jewel-wearing woman; a woman who worships quality, noble, timeless matters, with that touch of class and feminity.

barbara louys

a tradition

By B. is the result of a deeply rooted family heritage

In the 20’, Barbara’s great-grandfather took part in the creation of a diadem to be worn by Queen Astrid of Belgium. The saga will carry on, from father to son and later, from mother to daughter. Barbara’s mother – who imported pearls for 30 years – introduced her to the art of discerning pearls of the greatest quality. Today, Barbara’s daughter in-law already threads pearls and occasionally poses as a model for a few brand promotion campaigns. The saga continues…

a brand

Pearl jewelry… perennially fashionable.

Whether they are Hollywood stars or the most elegant women on earth, they all have, one day, worn a string of pearl to magnify a simple dress.

Luxury and elegance is what By B.’s collection is all about. It features jewelry created from freshwater pearls and 925 mil rhodium-plated silver.

Those pearls are the finest cultured pearls that Barbara selects herself from the most remote spots in Asia, several times every year.

Barbara draws her inspiration from the pearls’ sheen, shine and luster to create contemporary timeless pieces.

Strings, chokers and earrings compose a collection in which every woman can identify.


Each and every necklace is made of pearls carefully picked by the designer. She designs her models and entrusts their crafting to workshops located in Belgium.

So that quality control is maintained at the highest possible level. Threaders and jewelers alike work with components of the utmost quality so as to create unique pieces.

Necklaces are knot-threaded on cotton string by expert hands. Loops are hand-made, using rhodium-plated silver threads. Each creation is carefully controlled before it turns into a woman’s bliss.

the collection

where to buy

By B Store Galerie de la Toison d'Or, 10
1050 Bruxelles

Bijouterie Perla Bruxelles Docks Bruxsel
Boulevard Lambermont, 1 - 1000 Bruxelles

Bijouterie Linor Westland Shopping Center
1070 Anderlecht

Bijouterie Vanbergen
Rue de L’Eglise, 167 - 1150 Woluwé-Saint-Pierre

Bijouterie Au fil du temps...
Avenue du Douaire, 2 (Galerie du Douaire)
1340 Ottignies

Bijouterie Debecq & fils
rue de Saintes, 6 - 1400 Nivelles

Bijouterie Van Bellingen
Basiliekstraat, 2 - 1500 Halle

Bijouterie Heymans
Square des Braves, 1 - 1630 Linkebeek

Carine Misonne
avenue des Lilas, 20 - 1640 Rhode Saint Genèse

Bijouterie Smeers
Abeelplein, 11 - 3840 Borgloon

Bijouterie Casa Fiori
Opitterstraat, 18 - 3960 Bree

Time Square Belle-ile
Quai des Vennes 1 - 4000 Liège

Bijouterie Hacour
Rue Ferrer, 134 - 4100 Seraing

Bijouterie Vierset
rue de la Station, 4 - 4101 Jemeppe

Bijouterie Domin'Or
rue du Village, 1A - 4254 Ligney

Bijouterie Or du Temps
Avenue de Batta, 8 - 4500 Huy

Bijouterie Douin
Rue Haute, 17 - 4600 Visé

Bijouterie Senden & Dethier
Centre Commercial du Bay Bonnet, 1 - 4620 Fléron

Bijouterie Schyns
Kirchstrasse, 7 - 4720 Kelmis

Bijouterie Lambert
Grand Place, 62 - 4800 Verviers

Bijouterie Langohr-Mileur
Place Verte, 12 - 4800 Verviers

Bijouterie Langohr
Place Verte, 102 - 4900 Spa

Bijouterie Castro
Avenue François Cornesse, 3 - 4920 Aywaille

Bijouterie Baudoin
Rue du Blanc Bois, 34b - 5020 Vedrin

Bijouterie Baudoin
Chaussée de Tirlemont 12A - 5030 Gembloux

Bijouterie Place Vendôme
Chaussée de Namur - 5070 Fosses-la-Ville

Bijouterie Colignon
Rue de Bouillon, 44 - 5570 Beauraing

Bijouterie Wyame
Rue Cayauderie, 36 - 6000 Charleroi

Bijouterie Dallaturca
Chaussée de Fleurus, 611 - 6060 Gilly

Bijouterie Clerebaut Trésor
Rue d’Acoz, 5/D - 6120 Nalinnes

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Grand Rue, 11 - 6600 Bastogne

Bijouterie Deboulle Cora
Rue d'Arlon, 220 - 6780 Messancy

Bijouterie Jean D'Argembeau
Grand'rue, 33 - 6800 Libramont-Chevigny

Bijouterie Dejet
Rue André Feher, 27 - 6900 Marche-en-Famenne

Bijouterie Perla Mons
Place des Grands Prés ,1/52 - 7000 Mons

Bijouterie Decamps
Rue Louis Buisseret, 7 - 7130 Binche

Bijouterie Kensier
Rue Albert 1er, 7 - 7600 Péruwelz

Bijouterie Abeele
Petite Rue, 39 - 7700 Mouscron

Bijouterie Aglaé
rue Pastorale, 5A - 7711 Dottignies

Bijouterie Steenhaut
Rue d'Hérinnes, 46 - 7850 Enghien

Beversestraat, 5 - 8530 Harelbeke

Bijouterie Dedeyne Patrick
Lichterveldestraat, 26 - 8820 Torhout

Bijouterie Moens
Bredestraat, 4 - 9041 Oostakker

Sillis Juwelen
Place Franklin Roosevelt, 1 - 9600 Renaix

Boekhoutedorp, 10 - 9961 Assenede



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